Luca Dining Chair, Mondrian Insert/Xander Dining Set

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Questions About This Product

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Why bother mixing and matching furniture when you can just buy them in a set? Our Luca Dining Chair, Mondrian Insert, and Xander Dining Set showcase an interesting juxtaposition of various geometries, surface thickness, as well as material finishes to accommodate several interior design niches one could imagine. The slightly diagonal legs of our Luca Dining Chair are paired with an eye-catching crisscross base of the Xander Dining Set – a huge contrast to the abundance of right-angled geometries for the rest of the set. Whereas the varying shapes and sizes of the Mondrian Insert seem to interact with the generally slender form of our Luca Dining Chair as well as the noticeable thickness of our Xander Dining Set’s tabletop. Our Luca Dining Chair, Mondrian Insert, and Xander Dining Set also come with a variety of finishes you can pick from. Choose between different types of metal, fabric, Colorama, leather, and vinyl to match your preferred style and palette. Six 1511M Luca/Mondrian Dining Chairs Shown in Platinum Finish with Gloss Black Insert 05-140W Xander Table Base Shown in Platinum Finish Shown with WB7242 Midnight Oak Wood Top, Additional information Dimensions D: 23 in x W: 18 in x H: 39 in


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