Luca Dining Chair, Mondrian Insert

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Questions About This Product

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Are you a fan of Piet Mondrian or just abstract art in general? If so, our Luca Dining Chair with a Mondrian Insert will be a delight to have. Our Luca Dining Chair is already well-known on its own, thanks to its elegantly slender form supported by a quartet of slightly angled legs. Aside from support, these legs also provide a subtle visual interest to an otherwise mostly right-angled form. However, upon the installation of our Mondrian Insert, its linear contrast with our Luca Dining Chair becomes one of its strengths. Its seemingly random combination of squares and rectangles can draw anyone’s attention, even those unfamiliar with Piet Mondrian and his art. To complete the look, you can even choose between various finishes ranging from metal, fabric, Colorama, leather to vinyl. Designer: John Jay LeShane, Additional information Dimensions D: 23 in x W: 18 in x H: 39 in


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