Luca Dining Chair, Kuno Insert

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Questions About This Product

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Are you going for a bohemian or a tropical-themed dining area? If yes, our elegant Luca Dining Chair backed with our unique Kuno insert can bring the wilderness right into your home! Our Kuno back insert features an eye-catching zebra-like pattern balanced by the sleek form of the chair. Our Kuno back insert’s cut-out design also allows the chair to seamlessly blend with any background you can think of – bringing a modern twist to the classic animal pattern. While our Luca Dining Chair with the Kuno back insert can be a statement by itself, you can either amplify or tone it down by choosing from our wide selection of chair and cushion finishes. These can range from metal, fabric, Colorama, leather to vinyl. Designer: John Jay LeShane, Additional information Dimensions D: 23 in x W: 18 in x H: 39 in


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