Helena Dining Set

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Questions About This Product

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One of the strong selling points of our Helena Dining Set is its distinct designs. It has a unique, modern look that can also adapt to other themes you want to apply in your dining area. The Helena seats have a broader stance compared to typical dining chairs available in the market right now. When it comes to the table base, it has an airy and wider reach as well. A convenient table to use when you need to place a lot of stuff on the top. The set features a GL54 tabletop round glass that measures 54 inches with half-inch thickness. The base can support large tabletops with its light and durable frames. Both the table and chairs have a platinum finish, making them look more premium and stylish. Shown in Platinum finish Shown with GL54, 54 in. round glass top with 1/2 in. thickness Designer: Michael Wolk, Additional information


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