Francesca Oval Dining Set

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Questions About This Product

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Want to see and feel like royalty? Then our Francesca Oval Dining Set is the right match for you! From its classy dining table resembling timeless ancient column capitals with an oval glass base to its six dining chairs intricately curved to perfection, this dining set, when matched with royalty-inspired décor, can transform any space; into something straight out of a fairytale! Although our Francesca Oval Dining Set can stand out on its own, this dining set works best with Victorian- and art nouveau-inspired interiors. It can also work its way into contemporary interiors as long as the space’s floor, ceiling, and wall treatments are kept to a minimum. For those opting to personalize, our Francesca Oval Dining Set comes with a variety of options ranging from premium metal, metal, fabric, Colorama, leather, vinyl, to wood. Featuring Francesca Dining Chairs, Francesca Armed Dining Chairs and Francesca Table Base Designer: Broussard Walker, Additional information


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