Carmine Transformer Round Dining Set

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Questions About This Product

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Although our Carmine Dining Chair can work well with other dining sets, our Carmine Transformer Round Dining will complete the look. At first glance, our Carmine Dining Chair boasts of a unique backrest that extends on the floor – with a graceful pattern of spiraling rounds and ovals set on a slightly arching plane reminiscent of a monarch butterfly. Likewise, our Carmine Transformer Round Dining takes a hint on the same monarch butterfly concept by mimicking a butterfly’s wings as an outline for all of its four legs. To further emphasize them, a glass tabletop is used. Like the rest of our products, you can choose between a variety of metal finishes. Our seat cushions come in a variety of choices including fabric, Colorama, leather, or vinyl. While our Carmine Transformer Round Dining works best for bigger dining areas with a tropical or forest-inspired interior design, playing around with our finishes can surely lead you to a combination that works the best with your home. Shown with GL54, 54 in. round glass with 1/2 in. thickness and 1 in. beveled edge. Designer: Louis A. Lara, Additional information


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